We build Oblak


We are an information technology company, specialized in the cloud, composed of talented young people between 23 and 40 years of age that constantly promotes the disruption of ideas, we are mostly unconventional people, in most cases Oblak is their first job, here they learn and get experience, the best ones stay to make a professional career, they have the opportunity to develop their ideas, here the constant is the change Oblak has no supervisors, each person is responsible for their work, in Oblak they are only the people who are compatible with Oblak's philosophy.


In Oblak, we constantly push disruption because we do not believe in limits, we are determined to make a difference, we work hard to fulfill our commitments, we build long-term relationships of trust, we do not make promises, we actively contribute to the community, employees and the environment, we promote fairness and honesty in everything we do, we have an ethical approach in business and we promote open dialogue and we believe in ourselves and what we do, we believe that each person can reach their potential while enjoying the process and achieve the objectives.


All around the world there are umbrellas, suitcases with wheels, belts to hold hot coffee, very few people know who invented those things, but we have all seen or used them, we want to create technology for everyone to know about their existence , no matter who created it, that technology we use because it is incredibly good and efficient, our CEO Dr. Jorge Ledesma sums up our goal like this: Conquer the world, yes conquer the world with the technology that we create. In Oblak you need 5 things to belong to this family: Talent, Discipline, Attitude, Perseverance and Passion.

Why Join Oblak?

We give you some important reasons to want to work with us.

Happy to Work

You will always work in your area of interest, we will help you to be the best, we will teach you how to achieve it.

Team Work

We are an incredible professional team that receives 4 weeks of vacation per year. And we never work holidays.

Good Income

We want you to win well, we will invest in your experience, we will make you win what you want so as not to change jobs.

Apply Job

Complete the form and send your CV with a photograph and on a single sheet in pdf format.

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